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We believe quality housing combined with key community partnerships can help transform lives. Below are a few ways we are helping neighborhoods create those opportunities.

Community Catalyst Funds

Our Community Catalyst grant program is designed to launch initiatives prioritized and led by the local community. Whether it's the creation of a community garden, workforce development program, or capital repairs for single family homes, we provide a blend of grant and matching funds to help neighborhoods create new opportunities.

Young Leaders Construction Internship

We launched our new construction internship program, in coordination with Fairway Construction, in the summer of 2019. Terrance Ross interviewed and was hired to help build Grove Gardens at East Lake in his own community. Terrance proved so valuable on the site that we worked with the high school to extend his employment during the school year - way to go Terrance!

Community Builders Scholarship

We are passionate about access to quality education for young people in the neighborhoods we serve. Our Community Builders Scholarship is competitively awarded to high school students in support of their higher educational pursuits.

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